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    Heart Sutra, Pt 2

    Had a fun time being a tourist in SL / PaB and in my own thoughts this week; jotted down a couple notes which may or may not be relevant to our theme (though I wonder if the frequent re-readings of the sutra helped me to notice these moments):

    "Unknowing is the greatest intimacy" (Eliza's lovely comment) -- taken this way, Knowing and unknowing are very similar.  

    "Beginning at the end" (Yaku's theme session) -- a motivational slogan (ie, "who says you can't?"), a helpful pointer ("what do I think comes at the end anyway?"), a way or approach that doesn't contradict the importance of ways and approaches.  

    Timeless time -- for St. Augustine, a "momentary" glimpse of timeless turns into a life's work.

    *** Hmm, maybe more later.  As greater minds before me have said:  ZZZZZZzzzzzzz.....

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