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    Just noticing that from certain angles generosity is very much connected with help -- perhaps we'll get a bit of continuation of last week's discussion on help surreptitiously :).  

    So far this week, my sense of generosity has gravitated towards inclusiveness -- the notion of including others in my practice, other beings, feelings, walls, floors, times, spaces, etc., as those very beings... sort of a general willingness to "be with" that turns into a willingness to identify with and "be" those things that I would normally consider outside of myself -- relaxing the sense of outreach in favor of simple presence as that thing.  This is sounding a little nutty but it's been really fun; it's the same kind of pleasure you get from passing a child on the street and enjoying the sense of jumping on the sidewalk, just extended a bit to include weird things, scary things, abstract things.  Usually, I spend so much time holding the world at bay.  It seems odd to call this generosity because if I'm allowing myself to be this other thing, then I'm not a separate being who is able to "give" anything to it; maybe the generous part is just not turning away.


    Inspired by Zen and Gaya's reports plus a long chat with Mitsu about fighting demons :) -- this morning a notion of ordinary mind / world as an expression or action of the original.  Included a sense of compassion and generosity as  active and positive, not limited to a passive kind of receptivity or responsiveness.  Recalled a dance performance by my friend Prajwal ( in which he embodies Vajrapani -- very definite!

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