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    Life as a dream part 2

    I'm not sure what to report today, I'm not getting a sense of dream with the things that seem to weigh most heavily on my mind -- I don't see their relationship to dream, and I don't see this mind or thoughts as dream.  This morning, there was a dream about a red-shot sunset -- like a blood orange -- it was such a striking color so that I knew immediately it was a dream though "I" didn't feel stable enough to stay with it for very long.  After waking up and puttering around with a few weekend morning things, I had a nice sit, still and light and without too much thinking, which was a nice present since I've been fairly pre-occupied lately.  But then the day started and I heard some things that I wish I hadn't and I managed to get on an internal rant on the dangers of gossip that lasted most of the afternoon.  Of course gossip really is a bad habit, and everyone from Buddhists to teenagers warn against it.  But I seem to keep coming back to the idea that these rocks and walls are the buddhas, and the people are just a pain in the neck.  How do I become more friendly to the bad dreams?

    (Actually, I would like to hear more about Eliza's crab dream -- the one she mentioned in her wiki piece before editing it out :)

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