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    Patience and Ethics

    This week, it's been a sense of endurance and acceptance -- willingness to be a ward to my little failures and disappointments while holding to a sense of what's right with the world.  Impatience, for me, usually arises when I'm insisting too fixedly on an imagined ideal or a particular position -- patience is based in the valuing of reality.  A sense of the natural flow and unfolding of time, and also of a great rectification that "happens" outside of time -- full outreach and complete return without any separation. OK, I'm cheating a little, and thinking of Guan Yin :).

    Patience seems required for ethics to take root and become meaningful -- as Gaya started to say, ethics is not an idealization, and an ethics which is not grounded in an appreciation of reality will definitely go off kilter.  But ethics is not a laissez-faire approach, either; patience seems to strike the right balance. 

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