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    Ethics (2)

    Ethics, just in terms of a sense of restraint has been helpful this week.  I managed to become screaming hopping mad (literally) over the weekend, it hasn't happened in quite so extravagant a way for a while, but there it was.  The physical impact of becoming so angry was brutal and palpable.  Yet somehow, it felt different this time around -- it was easier to notice the quick emotional reactivity in it, the habitual assumptions, and I could feel the way these patterns were setting up further patterns and reactivity.  Somehow, this noticing didn't turn into further reactivity -- instead, I found possible to decline here and there, and somehow that was enough to change the course of it. 


    For the completeness of my own notes: -- a dream at the end of this angry period.  Notable also because in the nights leading up to it, I had a series of angry dreams -- arguing, breaking someone's nose (!), a break up, etc.

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