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    Sorry I missed Sunday's meeting at Gaya's -- was driving back home after visiting a friend in MA where the autumn leaves were putting on their magical display in the chilly chilly air (we ate a lot of beans!). 

    A couple straggling thoughts:

    Naturalness also has a fractal pattern in our lives -- at almost any resolution, in any domain, nature plays out in interesting ways -- another one of the benefits (and difficulties!) in discussing naturalness. 

    Looking back at the comments from last week, maybe another theme I might have been trying to get at is the sense that the distinction between interior and exterior is softer than I tend to make it.  Stim asked if I thought the river was playing tricks on me, and I replied by saying that I just wasn't sure if the thoughts were mine.  But actually, I'm also not sure that the river is not me, or that I am not a feature of the river.  

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