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    The question of view is so wide open, and I have been procrastinating on this one :).  To settle some jitters, I'll start by telling some dreams I had this week:

    1) In this dream, my parents are newly divorced (in RL, they stayed married but us kids always wondered if they might have been happier apart).  I'm doing double duty, helping my dad to find a new job or maybe even a new field, and also helping my mom find a new husband and with her wedding plans.  I believe that these changes should be beneficial to both and help each feel more fulfilled in their lives, but actually neither seem very happy about their new situations (even though the wedding meadow is full of yellow grasses, and even though my dad's intelligence seems so humane and worthy of development).

    Relation to view: that satisfaction is not necessarily based on what we think would be fulfilling; that our opinions can get in the way.  False views.

    2) I'm watching an acrobat skeeter across the floor on her hands -- her legs are arched over her back and head in sort of a yoga pose, leaning far forward, she's moving so light and quick, sort of twirling as she goes, very much like a bug or a bird.  I recall this image sort of woozily upon waking (other dreams and sleep intervening) and at first am quite sure that this is something that happened in real life -- first there is a logical inference that it could not have happened "for real" (because it's really not possible to be moving on your hands that fast), only later did it become a certainty that this was a dream.  Yet there is still a very strong reality dimension here, perhaps in terms of the energetic dimension.

    Relation to view:  Feels a little like Joshu's shoes. 

    The question of view is a good one -- both View and view -- and feels very much connected to "everyday life is the path" story.  It's interesting to see how much of my moment-to-moment reality view is based on a body sense (the sun is out or not, I'm well rested or not), an unseen presence (the unconscious, the expectations of others), and even if I know better than to fully believe the story, I am still enacting the story -- the assumptions of my time in history, my biology as a human being, my karma as an individual, a happy/sad interaction from an hour ago, etc.  In this roiling mix, it would seem that the View has little traction as an intellectual understanding, and certainly when I feel subsumed by dullness, it doesn't help much.  But today, I'm noticing how my connection to the View has deepened and extended in large and small ways -- how it has changed from a "maybe if you say so" stance to something that is the fabric of what I can understand/feel to be reality.  It can be a bit of a ballast, as Mitsu suggested last week.

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