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    What I perceive from my direct experience is all going on in my head, and this must be true for other people. So there is no objective reality - just different versions of it. We see it differently in terms of its survival value for us. What we actually perceive is only a very small part of what is actually perceivable anyway. And even that is conditioned by our knowledge, life experiences and other factors. When I look at the boats in the marina where I live I tend to see colours and reflections. An experienced sailor would see a very different picture. They would notice all sorts of details of the boats that mean nothing to me. 

    Can I let go of that conditioning that surely prejudices my viewpoint in some way?  I can to a certain extent I think. I can notice myself closing off the new and unfamiliar and force myself to try to appreciate new things. I have learned to appreciate classical music and modern art by doing this and have thereby been able to have enriching experiences I might otherwise not have enjoyed.

    I am learning to be more open to life in general in the same way. I notice myself closing down and question that contraction. I am trying not to be so dependent on spiritual teachers and spiritual systems also; just being more open to my own life and responses to it.

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