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    " Don't go for the throat."

     If this is about not humiliating others by pointing out their weaknesses, then that seems mostly sensible. Trungpa seems to think we are projecting our own dissatisfactions with ourselves onto others when we do this. So always look for the same faults in ourselves that we see in others.

     We don't usually do this out of the blue without some preceding event. I think we are more likely to attack someone if we have been mulling over and harbouring resentment about something they have done or said to us. Or if they have triggered our 'pain body' as ET puts it - when something is said that reopens the wound of some old stored emotional trauma.  

    I think this is especially a problematic area for long term relationships, and we seem to have to learn that there are times when certain topics are raised when we 'don't go there.'
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    Originally written on 15:06, 13 Mar 2010
    Zen, thanks for these and last week's notes -- this helped me over the last couple of days.
    Posted 10:11, 21 Nov 2010
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