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    First, I shouldn't have doubted ... sorry Stim >.<
    /me chases away the ghosts!

    I didn't sleep well the night before. Started at mid-morning and found it hard to sit through the 100 words:

    1 (2).png

    Breaks usually took a form of physical activities i.e. tidying up bits and pieces, chi qong etc. Half way through felt like sitting on the floor and so did that for a short time too. Perhaps the breaks make the whole session fresh in that noticed more of becoming alert and senses growing keener.

    Second writing took about 10-15 mins and stopped at 30 words or so:

    2 (1).png

    While comparing and describing differences to myself, I was surprised not to find my usual hangups in the first piece of paper. It was informative to see the hangups aren't so much of big deals on a different level. I didn't re-read the instructions before starting and it shows in the fact that words on both are largely about sense of self during. I probably didn't do this homework properly ... though being tired helped in a way that I didn't worry too much about doing it right. Also the change in energy level was dramatic and noticeable.

    Then went off and did most of the weekly chores within a few hours straight. I felt beautifully rested afterwards. I really like the extra parts of this meditation and would probably do something similar once in a while with shorter sittings, perhaps with a smaller number of words. Also would like to play with shorter sits + breaks, forming a session in the future.

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