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    Review 1 [Workshop 1- 10]

    While reading the transcripts, I realised that for a few weeks the View has gradually dimmed. My vision has become narrow as I tried to shake myself free of my shadow. Well, that won't happen unless I turn the light off completely. In particular, feelings of like and dislike hinder my practising inclusiveness [and acceptance].

    I still go with things I see. Seeing without not being detached or stuck is difficult. And being limited in such way cause much confusion and discomfort. But I am happy about the fact that I haven't indulged in distractions or channelled them into negative behaviours. It's unusual for me to see positives out of a situation like this.

    There was an example of codependent arising I saw from the early days of the workshop. How a 'filter' is used on myself as well as on others. Before that I was certain that I was more accepting of others. When I find something disagreeable in others, I now see that they are at the receiving end also. Maybe I can be compassionate and forgiving.


    Review 2 [Workshop 11- 25]

    By reviewing lapses in keeping different precepts during this period, I see underlying 'beliefs' such as an inadequate [in a sense lacking] self. In relation to the beliefs, I have found non-violence precept particularly helpful in seeing how all the precepts are to draw out more caring and compassionate nature.

    Equal weight has been given to both my internal/external interactions through understanding codependent arising. In the past, more of a focus was given to how I treat others. Codependent arising also made sense of ethics to me in that it provided a bigger picture of how things fit together.

    At the Sunday meeting, I was moved by a description of one's increased sensitivity towards the world around and the shared understanding of it by the group.

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