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    26 Nov Thursday

    Yay, Thursday! WoK workshop.

    Read this in a PaB log:

    F: but in here [PaB], subject and object are both subject and object. and who knows, perhaps it's that way in every case :)

    27 Nov Friday

    Found myself adding things again. Must put thinking in its place ... no need to pile suffering on ignorance.

    I remembered all situations pass away, except in my unreliable memories. Now, now, now!

    28 Nov Saturday

    Accepted needing some rest so folded plans made for today.

    Laughed a lot ... appreciated how Tim can make me laugh.

    29 Nov Sunday

    Still feeling tired. It's been soggy outside so right hand is giving some problems.

    Seeing how adding preferences to situations saps energy.

    30 Nov Monday

    Still not ready to get into usual routine of things ... Rain stopped towards late afternoon so hand feels better but not quite. Try not to duck but to be aware of pressure about not getting much done.

    Almost 2 year old niece tried to say 'aunt' over the phone ... :)

    01 Dec Tuesday

    Feel almost back to normal. Packed in as much as much as possible.

    Wondered what it is about some teachers that makes me get over some of mental barriers. During breaks, I spent some time remembering two particular teachers ... now passed away ... grateful.

    It's always tricky after being sick.

    Remembering the idea of 'life as a journey' and importance of a journey as a whole.

    02 Dec Wednesday

    Cold and wet still but had a pleasant walk back home.

    Felt like going over 'Loving Kindness' verses while thinking about interactions with people that are not draining.

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