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    My efforts to understand the relationship between samsaric mind and thoughts led me to an image of a calm lake. A stone [a thought] is thrown into the water, causing ripples [samsaric mind]. The mind appears due to the thought, which can start a chain reaction of further thoughts and/or emotions. As the ripples are a manifestation of the lake, the mind is perhaps a part of something bigger. But then what is a thought? Where does it come from? Maybe both samsaric mind and thought are appearances of something. In both cases, I'm uncertain where they are originated from.

    I have also been thinking over some of my dreams where there is an awareness, "Oh, this is a dream." They have shown me how the dreaming mind and thoughts are co-dependent. But what this awareness is and relationship between the dreaming mind and the awareness are still something of a mystery to me.

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