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    Apologies, I will try to be more specific in future reports on this question. Can't pick a relevant example yet so wrote this instead:

    Cold Comfort

    A pearly scarf of clouds at morn's sea adrift,
    I reach out and round my hollow neck in white.
    A way in-between crackle glaze finds,
    A misty dew so brisk and oh, how it bites my heart.


    I feel encouraged enough to add some general notes:

    Funny how unpleasant or embarrassing memories follow me around more frequently while pleasant ones come and go fleetingly. It is easy to enjoy and feel relaxed by positive memories. Appreciation in this case probably involves dropping the judging mind, good and bad etc. especially in encountering unpleasant memories.

    At times I wear past person[s] like a veil in my interaction with day-to-day life. When the realisation of such identification comes too late/afterwards, similar reactions or behaviours are guaranteed under a right set-up. Until I release these self images, yes I am chained to them.

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