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    Wow, first of all "Report 77!?" Three cheers and a tiger for us. :)

    "Boundless Appreciative Joy"

    In Judaism and Christianity (though not exclusively I'm sure just speaking from my own familiarity), joy is associated with salvation and redemption, and with an overflow of well being and generosity.  It is associated with oil, or the idea of an 'annointing' given to teach or to 'save' or nourish, and with the 'everlasting'.

    We have been ruminating on these abodes, or 'sublime' states with a context of primordial awareness, and whereas people tend to interpret salvation as this special thing that one 'gets', my sense is of joy as simply the natural overflow of well-being from within settled abiding. When one is 'saved' one is at Rest. When one is at rest, one is not scrambling to get rest, and can pour out of a sense of abundance.

    Joy is often associated, biblically, with mourning or with refuge as in "I will be joyful in the Lord", and conjurs well imagery.. digging deep, which might be associated with a sense of zeroing in, pointedness, or renunciation... deeper digging, stronger flowing perhaps. I know... I can hear 'what about wu wei?' but somehow I think that isn't being passive, but clear. 

    Life centers around the well.

    Tuesday night at PaB, Eos shared an article: , and the theme then centered in on Music.

    Stevenaia shared: as I read the description, it sounded to me like we each posses our own music making abilitiy in a larger sense, loving what we do, bringing joy to the world around us by what we "do" or "meditate on"

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