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    When travelling I actually find myself able to better concentrate. There are many distractions but they aren't 'my' distractions, whereas at 'home' there is a sense of obligation to respond, and on top of that a sense (not always appropriate but necessary to measure, adjust, and refine) of wanting validation/response to my response, to those obligations. :)

    The word that arises over and over again is _Integration_, in the sense of resting in letting lower-order matters take care of themselves, and I focusing in on what has the strongest resonance.

    Strangely, this goes back to a hierarchy of desires, too. By not grasping at stories and dreams and possessions and fears, there arises a clarity of heart desire which hm, generates its own awareness which isn't my awareness/your awareness but a unifying and trustworthy connection/interconnection, etc.   

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