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    Is mind more fundamental than thoughts....

    Oddly what comes to me about this is a kind of fishing expedition. The kind of thoughts  I bring up often can depend on the type of mind I bring up that day. So my inclination is to begin a 'no' answer to the above, but it isn't quite clear.

    Who is fishing? :)

    A related idea is that there seems a part of me (samsaric mind) which enjoys a kind of 'chase' with these things... a kind of losing and getting back continually. It is always testing something. So in times of clarity, when I happen to notice how delightful a 'place' or practice/balance I seem to be in, there is this decision that is made to get less clear... to make a project!

    It is like it fools me into thinking I've 'arrived' 'somewhere'. So what it seems is that the 'groundless state' is actually a more stable one because it never even considers that is has arrived or might arrive. it is just open.





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