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    “The Bodhisattva relies on Prajnaparamita, with no walls in the mind. No walls, therefore no fear.”

    Question: What kind of walls exist only in the mind?
    Answer: Nothing real separates the Pure Land from the land we live in now.

    Question: What could be the point of getting the teaching down to almost nothing?
    Answer: A “One-Word Talk” lies that much closer to Nature—not yet in it, but you can see it from there.


    A child’s paper dolls—
    Isn't it sad how they hold
    One another’s hands?
    They don’t know they’ve been folded
    To impersonate a world.

    When finding this notecard in my inventory today by accident, ;-) I remembered how I'd turned over and over the lines "No hinderance thus no fear" for quite a while, after the first few times of reading The Heart Sutra. Walking along one day, after a conversation, the *rest* and the critical point, popped into my mind, which was

    No gain --> no hinderance ---> no fear.

    Not just no hinderance = no fear. :)


    A few days ago my son asked me about the new buddhist figure on my desktop, and I'd told him a little about Avalokitesvara, elaborating from a few angles...

    "Well, he is perfectly at ease... see his expression ... yet he is doing a thousand things at once!"

    What I didn't say, was anything about Compassion. Imagine! Talking about Avalokitesvara without mentioning his pure motivation! So this morning A and I had that conversation, along with a chat about super-heroes.

    Still, I stand rather amazed at *what* the mind can forget. Basically, the whole thing. ;-)


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