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    Stim Morane: So last time I was asking not "how do I feel in my life" but "what is happening now that gets in the way?" / there is a difference

    Stim Morane: but by "seeing", which is one of my favorite words, we have to mean "fulling acknowledging and accepting" / we're not bug hunters

    Overlapping nicely with PlayasBeing explorations, my snapshots of my 'view' this week have concerned Time. 

    At the start of the year, I made a resolution which I called "Right Time" with a nod to the Noble Eightfold Path : . My thinking was not to make a better schedule, or to determine to drop and rearrange things necessarily, but to simply watch/notice "How am I spending my time?" 

    Right away there did come changes of priorities, and then the focus faded into the background. Recently, due to various discussions and readings, the resolution has come alive again, but has relaxed the 'I/me' focus, shifting toward a question more like "How am I viewing time right now?", or "Am I appreciating time?", or "How is time presenting here?" 

    Not 'my' time, just time.

    Then there's a little jump too, beyond that, to play with. What the questions above describe are simply an entry point where it might be seen that *I* (in the sentence/question) *represents* the camera. So then what when we see the I seeing?

    What I love about stumbling across the quotes above again, is that I felt reminded not to approach time with "What am I doing wrong that I can do better?" so much, or, even in the way I approached last week's exploration, a sense of "How can I solve this?" Those questions aren't wrong in any way, but perhaps 'I' can relax into a more Generous and Open View, as in our koan from a few weeks ago:

    ((A note that I will not make this week's workshop due to my younger daughter's choral event))         


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    Originally written on 19:27, 20 May 2010
    As usual, thanks for your wonderful report. Have fun at your daughter's concert!
    Posted 09:31, 21 Nov 2010
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