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    How to be 'real' as a person

    I frequent a dry cleaner, run by an unassuming Korean couple. On a wall next to the cash register, they have put up various quotes and some Christian images. A piece of paper contains Tolstoy's sayings in Korean [apologies for clumsy translation]:

    What is the most important task in your life?
    What I'm doing right now.

    Who is the most important person in your life?
    A person I'm meeting right now.

    When is the most important time in your life?
    Right Now!

    Instead, we carry a lot of boxes to stuff ourselves into them over and over again. Some of these boxes are old & tatty, some new variants, and some not so obvious. It is said that we are more than a sum of these boxes. I think openness expressed in the quote helps one to be 'real'. It's nice to be able to really take a breath, allowed by holding ourselves in this way.

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