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    The body is the bodhi tree
    The mind is like a bright mirror’s stand.
    At all times we must strive to polish it
    And must not let dust collect.
    - Hongren

    Bodhi originally has no tree
    The bright mirror also has no stand
    Fundamentally there is not a single thing
    Where could dust arise?

    I suggested this story because it reminded me of the Heart Sutra. At the first glance, one may get an impression that Hongren's view is being dismissed. Instead I think the 2 poems together point to experiencing 'dust', which coincides with a new way of understanding.

    I appreciate comments from Bruce and Zen during the meeting yesterday regarding the mirror's stand, perhaps referring to practice being a 'support'. We continued along this line, discussing how the notion of 'beginner' can be double-edged [if not more] sword.

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