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    I can't see how this is related to the topic but something popped out while walking on a street, pondering on this week's topic. I suddenly felt insulted by pettiness O.O So I'm going to experiment with being slightly less cautious going forward.

    Acceptance has been a favourite topic of mine and I often discussed with friends. After our last week's discussion, I realised that the way I understand forgiveness is close to acceptance.

    'How to' is a difficult question to answer ... overall though starting with being kind is helpful. I remember talking to a friend once about feeling physically bad because I couldn't let go of a situation. Which also created difficulties dealing with people involved.

    Forgiveness and acceptance is largely about dealing with one's mind. With a few friends, a small unspoken gesture is enough to soften any situations. One of us calls and suggests, 'Let's go see this film.' and poof! we are back.

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