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    I had a longish train journey yesterday. It was early in the morning and so I had some quiet time to reflect. As I was watching dancing power lines through a window, I remembered the train metaphor we once used at WoK. How we live life sometimes, getting on and off various trains, passively being carried off. Indeed while sitting on the train, I didn't really get a sense of the world waking up ... [or not :)].

    Sometimes I get a glimpse of 'dharma' in operation. Such experiences are very informative. What we do have lasting impact on us, others and the world in many ways that we don't really see or get to see. As I got off the train, putting my first foot down on the platform, I remembered, "Now, remember." Giving in and being small can be tempting if not really being noted. And at times, it's not so easy to be clear about being proper. Still, this is important for me to find out.

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