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    6 Paramitas - Virya [energy, diligence, vigor, effort]

    Rather than missing, ‘compassion’ perhaps is implicit in all paramita. I personally prefer the 10 parami. But the main point I see is that they are supportive to each other and so not to be excluded.

    Virya is written as 精進 [Jeong Jin], meaning walking forward with determination, or cleansing body and developing mind. One of the images that came to mind is ‘following energy’ that Stim once suggested. For me, this points to making efforts in what one finds meaningful and enjoyable.

    Often I get unnerved by unknowns, whatever they are. What I’ve learnt so far is to try out a little and see, rather than getting put off by an imagined prospect. It’s fun to surprise myself too. Experiences provide confidence and wisdom.

    Once I had a few discussions with PaB friends on ‘struggle’. When there are difficulties, how does one persevere without making things worse? It’s good to remember that there are always tough patches in one’s life and to see these as opportunities to grow.

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