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    6 Paramitas - Generosity [Dana]

    Generosity is our nature in action, an expression. It is enriching and feels satisfying. Being generous is neither calculated nor planned, without a purpose or a desired outcome. Because ‘operating’ from the natural ground doesn’t involve such a perspective of time and the view of the world.

    What does it mean to be generous? It can take many different forms from noticing another person while waiting for a bus to donating to a charity. There is no requirement to be able to practice generosity except not being totally caught up in oneself.

    How to be generous in an appropriate manner, not too much/not too small [sounds similar to not too tight/not too loose :)]? It is helpful not to view situations and people with strong sense of separateness, which often appears together with selfishness and righteousness. Generosity is not about ‘me giving/receiving’ or ‘you giving/receiving’. Becoming sympathetic to the nature of these tendencies in oneself and others creates some space and softens such boundaries. With this openness, it is possible to just to know what is appropriate.

    Is being generous helpful? This is not the main concern when practising generosity. Also it’s not about propping up a self image, or turning away from life.

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