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    Five Forces

    It is very easy to pick these slogans and make them into self-serving projects. Narrowing down never satisfy, much like ‘empty calorie’ food that always leaves one with feeling of hunger for more however much one eats. As one tastes contentment of what’s wholesome more and more, resolve to practice would arise naturally. And one begins to see how to be in harmony in one’s life, on and off the cushion.

    Many things in are in fact, no biggie. So better not waste life with worries and day-dreams etc. If not caught up in ‘stories’, there is nothing to achieve or no obstacles to stumble on.


    Breath is very useful, for example when inviting in thoughts or enveloping the sulky inner child. Sometimes this happens involuntarily when meeting hurtful situations. Recently I noticed myself taking a sharp breath in when hearing a lady describing multitudes of people rejoicing at someone’s death. I became somewhat self-conscious as there were some people sitting nearby …

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