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    Graced by the presence of a very small baby twice over last week :) Much like gazing at a rose, it is easy to shed 'me' and just be with the baby, absorbing ... more porous and less solid, which is very much like being in love in some sense. Of course, being so with people in general or with inanimate objects is more difficult ^^;;;

    Re: sadness mentioned last week, feeling genuinely moved this way is perhaps a 'spiritual' experience. What drains us is not 'negative emotions' but a chain of emotions/thoughts that could arise from such an experience that one goes along with. Whatever the experiences, being present/open and staying with the experiences is what enriches and re-vitalises us.


    Bought a small notebook for doing the long homework more often [managed to do twice]. Haven't tried in the evening yet though it could be helpful after a busy day if not too tired. Also found that I've written far less in my diary over last week:

    1. The first writing part took about 30 min with c. 70 words. Types of words were similar to the last week's except '?' for some indescribable moments yet not 'blank'. Also didn't feel impatient. Found myself doing the sitting part while writing, not on purpose. I then sat for an hour. Felt an urge to stop being still so ended the practice here. At the Sunday meeting, I related a habitual tendency to assign, categorise and dumping/moving on from experiences re: '?' moments.

    2. Again about 30 min of writing but with fewer # of words (30). This writing part is proving very useful to do especially in the morning. It seems to declutter mind while reminding some things that need acknowledging or attention that was thought to have resolved or forgotten. Didn't have enough time to sit for long so sat for about 30 min afterwards and stopped.

    I've been also experimenting "converging on being breathing" in general and in conjunction with other simple activities. For example, being breathing and then letting the forms to follow while doing chi qong. It's too early to say what is emerging from this but overall, I have more energy and better sleep.

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