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    # When practicing unconditional acceptance, start with yourself.

    As with many other aphorisms, this encourages me to develop an open, appreciative attitude. In this case, with seeing more and include those somewhat 'not so perfect personal traits'. Only when one accepts, it is then possible to change.
    " Stim : hi, come in, oh I see you better, you're weird but I guess you're family too, etc"

    # When everything goes wrong, treat disaster as a way to wake up.

    Yes, time to wake up! Hopefully before things go too badly ...

    # Take all the blame yourself.

    I went on a rant on Tuesday about someone being inflexible. Of course, I know the reasons behind the inflexibility and understand them [hopefully I won't get burnt & only then learn >.<]. Looking back now, a combination of own situations led to it. I'd been tired for a few days beforehand but I hadn't slacken usual pace a little accordingly. I also pushed someone's button unintentionally but didn't see this clearly [just got grumpy about it]. So meeting the situation on Tuesday, one of usual friends was let loose ... arrogance/deficiency. This sense of myself is largely founded on an ignorant belief that 'I am special', 'I'm different' etc. /me looks up & see "unconditional acceptance". A lesson learnt, now moving on ...

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