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    I used to think I was quite good at paying attention, but I'm awful.


    Smelling my food before each bite does help to stay in the moment – I now pay full attention about half the time when I'm eating. I am starting to notice how I live in the future (the next bite, when I'm done with this, in half an hour as well as tomorrow, next month etc). And it is starting to look absurd.





    I found this one difficult, just understanding what exactly it was I had to pay attention to. With other explorations, I knew what I was supposed to do, it just was difficult to actually do it. Here I did not really know what I was supposed to do. I talked about it with others as well, and that helped a little bit.





    I have concentrated on the "going" aspect (not so much "goer" or "gone to").


    I noticed that when I go, I am focused on the future and therefore I am not fully here and now, and I am going somewhere pretty much all of the time. For instance, focusing on the next bite instead of the one I am eating right now, or not fully being with eating breakfast because I want to check my e-mail.





    This focusing on right now has (slightly) changed my perception of time. Instead of seeing now as a point, a cramped space between a closed past and a wide open future, I am starting to see how spacious now is. Now is actually all there is. I knew that already, but I have seen it a bit more now, I have remembered.



    I am stuck in being elsewhere, but at the same time it is impossible, because I am always here.


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