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    I'm interested in knowledge / knowing in all its guises and levels and as seen by any and all traditions.

    The idea of contemplative homework is that one engages a particular theme in a constructive way, within one's own life and experience.  Homework focused on specific ideas or phenomena is great, but in my opinion the broad topic areas are also suitable for reflection and discussion. 

    I'm especially interested in the intersection of contemplation and embodied knowledge.

    When I think of Ways of Knowing, the following topics come to mind. 

    • Narrative / narratology / story
    • Influences of neuroscience and neurophilosophy on ideas of mind and self
    • Knowledge and Knowing - especially, outside the constraints of Pattern and Information
    • Contemplation
    • Practice "as you understand and go about it"; the whole-life perspective
    • Embodiment; Embodied Ways of Knowing
    • The nature of emotions, felt senses, and somatic knowledge
    • Personal Knowledge, Self-Knowledge, Personality and Character
    • Personal Purpose and Motivation
    • Keeping Commitment and Focus in Practice
    • Help, in all its Guises
    • Insight and Discernment
    • Qualities and qualitative knowledge
    • Creativity, Imagination, and Intuition - "Imagination is the Gateway to Reality"
    • Traditional metaphors for ways of knowing - Heart, Mind, Soul, etc.
    • Traditional concepts of trans-personal /trans-intellectual knowledge and wisdom (and their renewal) - e.g. Conscience, Spirit, Soul
    • Levels and Contexts of Knowledge - e.g. personal, transpersonal, psychological, spiritual, etc.
    • Cultural aspects of Knowledge - Evolution of Culture
    • Collective Intelligence
    • Communities of Practice; Sangha
    Related Writing


    That which oppresses me, is it my soul trying to come out in the open, or the soul of the world knocking at my heart for its entrance?

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