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    Ways of Knowing Workshop: Stim Morane

    Contemplative Practice in Modern Life


    What is spiritually-relevant “contemplation” in the modern world? This question invites consideration of other (overlapping) questions:

    • Practice—How has the practice of contemplation changed from its traditional and ancient forms? {This point will be considered first, on February 12. For a more detailed summary, see “Week One” below.}
    • Theory—What are the main “view” issues that have characterized contemplation from the beginning, and what new perspectives and concerns figure prominently now? (February 19)
    • Challenges—What were the challenges faced by early contemplatives, and what new challenges have arisen recently? (February 26)
    • Science—How has the emergence of science, with its unique perspectives on methodology and on both the nature of reality and human nature changed the situation? What specific challenges and opportunities does it present to the view and practice of contemplation? (March 5)

    Each of our four sessions together will involve structured group discussions on one of the general topics mentioned above. I expect these discussions will guide my development of subsequent Café presentations and more in-depth Kira Institute programs, some of which will be theoretical while others may concentrate on practice-based explorations.

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