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    If you are new to using wikis, use this area for practice:

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    • Edit & insert comments on existing pages:

    <-- select the 'How to edit/comment' page on the left and follow the instructions


    • Post (create) new pages:

    This wiki uses a standard 'tree' filing system for pages, with 'Ways of Knowing' page at the root and the other menu options as sub-pages.  Each menu option may have more sub-pages 'hanging-off' them.  So, the most important thing to consider when posting, is where you want to place the page.



    • Select the page (from the side menu) where yu want to place a sub-page, e.g. to add a report under your own name, select 'Reports' -->  then your name from the list beneath the 'Reports' button


    • Select the 'New page' icon from the toolbar at the top of the page


    • The new page opens with the cursor in the Title field
      • Enter your title here, then move the cursor below the title line and enter your text (or paste in text you have already prepared)


    • When you are finished, just select the 'Save' icon from the top toolbar


    If you place a page in the wrong place, don't worry!  The administrators can easily move the pages to the correct positions.

    Try adding pages to the 'Practice Page' or the 'Wiki Tutorial'  to see how they are placed!




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    I have been trying to find Magic of Time but keep coming up empty.I write "magic of time" in the search menu and "books" but get nothing. Is it still there?
    Posted 01:02, 11 Feb 2014
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