Dao Yheng's Homework Suggestions

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     Several of these ideas come from other participants -- wanted to record them somewhere.

    • Lojong - jealousy, others?
    • Childhood memories -- choosing a story, and reflecting on how it shapes your current practice / investigations -- for example, Pema's picture frame story
    • "Cultivating the Empty Field" by Hongzhi (source material?)
    • Confucian text as source material
    • Jane Austen as source material
    • Wallace Stevens (or other poems) as source material
    • Taking a walk or field trip in Second Life
    • Guest speakers
    • Motivation
    • Time
    • 'science being young'
    • Brilliant Moon (Dilgo Kyentse autobiography)
    • Nisargadatta -- Selections from I Am That or the random quote generator:  http://www.mpeters.de/nisargadatta/index.cfm
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    Originally written on 01:51, 30 May 2010
    Thanks Dao! What a great idea!!
    Posted 11:00, 21 Nov 2010
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