07.07.2011 - Edge Encounters

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    [02:08 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: Folks, as you may have seen in the reports this week . . .
    [02:09 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: http://waysofknowing.kira.org/3Reports/Bruce_Mowbray/Report_100_-_Encounters_at_the_Edge
    [02:09 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: our topic today is "Edge."
    [02:10 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: and I'm over here sitting on an "edge" to know what your thoughts are.
    [02:10 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: :)
    [02:10 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: :)
    [02:10 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: Hi Lolli :)
    [02:10 PM]  Arisia Vita: welcome Julie
    [02:11 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: Hey, Lolli
    [02:11 PM]  Wol Euler: hello julie
    [02:11 PM]  Zen Arado: HI Lolli
    [02:11 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: Hello Lolli :)
    [02:11 PM]  Lolli Bluebird: Hi everyone!
    [02:12 PM]  Zen Arado: is it a place of crisis?
    [02:12 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: I think....my overall thought is that being on an "edge," or being "in between" can give us a clearer idea of where we are...we can see more possibilities, more choices, than when we're settled
    [02:12 PM]  Zen Arado: a place where we have to change?
    [02:12 PM]  Zen Arado: dug out of our comfortable routine?
    [02:13 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: I don't think it has to be dramatic...just something that lets us see where we are and where we're going
    [02:13 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: I loved the thing in Cal's report about a perfect cup of tea :)
    [02:13 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: How does one know where the edge lies until one meet it?
    [02:13 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: excellent question.
    [02:14 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: How doing things carefully and consciously is a skill in itself
    [02:14 PM]  Zen Arado: or maybe we ognore them?
    [02:14 PM]  Zen Arado: ignore
    [02:14 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: I'm guessing that how one answers Gaya's '?' will say a lot about how one handles edges.
    [02:14 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel pictures digging herself out of a hole ... *giggle*
    [02:15 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: Maybe we realize we're at an edge by BEING in a hole.
    [02:15 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: :)
    [02:15 PM]  Zen Arado: when this topic first came up my first thought was that edges don't exist...they are something we create by dramatizing things
    [02:15 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: My functional definition of "edge" assumes that we're aware of it when we're in/at an "edge" situation and also that we recognize a choice is required of us (although we undoubtedly make thousands of unconscious non-edgy choices daily.)
    [02:15 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: Or by falling...we can see the ground rising to meet us, and we can either try to run or crash
    [02:16 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: but wouldn't crashing be a coice, then?
    [02:16 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: choice*
    [02:16 PM]  Zen Arado: edginess is a kind of stste of mind about things?
    [02:16 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: perhaps, Zen...
    [02:16 PM]  Lolli Bluebird: edginess is a nice concept Zen :)
    [02:17 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: but I'm also seeing it as a sort of existential defining point -- in one's mind.
    [02:17 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: so it is more than mere anxiety -- or edginess.
    [02:17 PM]  Zen Arado: I mean bad things happen...we make a choice...get on with it...
    [02:17 PM]  Zen Arado: ?
    [02:17 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: but edginess is also nice, if you like that sort of thing. . . .
    [02:17 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: Yes, I'm assuming that :choice" is an option.
    [02:17 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: Zen's such a Brit! :)
    [02:17 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: I'm thinking of it as a heightened awareness...something has pushed us out of our routine, and we can see the paths forking in front of us
    [02:18 PM]  Zen Arado: stiff upper lip you know :)
    [02:18 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: ;-)
    [02:18 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel giggles.
    [02:18 PM]  Zen Arado: it's zen too
    [02:18 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: :)
    [02:18 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: :)
    [02:18 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: wonderful point, ATari.
    [02:18 PM]  Zen Arado: yeh was looking at from one point
    [02:19 PM]  Zen Arado: some disasters happen to us that are disasters
    [02:19 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: perhaps I am defining it too narrowly (???)
    [02:19 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: Would you say you've discovered something that you didn't expect Bruce?
    [02:19 PM]  Zen Arado: like bad health
    [02:19 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: Oh my yes.
    [02:19 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: Yes, Zen
    [02:19 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: I discovered more than I even knew was there.
    [02:20 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: but -- don't really want to side-track the discussion by going into my health issues here.
    [02:20 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: not proivate so much as would much rather hear your thoughts.
    [02:20 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: To go back to falling...the only choice you have in that situation is to try and hit the ground running and move with the oncoming changes as gracefully as you can
    [02:20 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: private*
    [02:21 PM]  Zen Arado: but what's the best way to handle edges?
    [02:21 PM]  Zen Arado: smooth them?
    [02:21 PM]  Arisia Vita: with a file or a sharpener?
    [02:21 PM]  Zen Arado: build a ramp?
    [02:21 PM]  Zen Arado: :)
    [02:21 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: Is your practice intentionally designed to avoid the ambiguity and discomfort of edges?
    [02:21 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: Hmm...I like the idea of a ramp :)
    [02:21 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: to "smooth" off the edges?
    [02:22 PM]  Zen Arado: if you are in a wheelchair you know about edges :)
    [02:22 PM]  Wol Euler: heh
    [02:22 PM]  Zen Arado: and ramps
    [02:22 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: Is your practice intentionally designed to avoid the ambiguity and discomfort of edges?
    [02:22 PM]  Zen Arado: no ..to face them
    [02:22 PM]  Lolli Bluebird: Edges can be up as well as down I think - not always fallen but being lifted to a higher level perhaps.
    [02:22 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: Does your practice intentionally take you to (or toward) your most problematic and uncomfortable edges?
    [02:22 PM]  Zen Arado: good point Lollie
    [02:23 PM]  Bruce Mowbray listens....
    [02:23 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: I'm not sure about intention bit ... don't think I set up to get somewhere.
    [02:23 PM]  Zen Arado: or we reach a point where we have to go up..no other way
    [02:23 PM]  Zen Arado: and we want to stay where we are...
    [02:23 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: An edge can be a cliff face, too
    [02:24 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: No worries, I have a chute :p
    [02:24 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: ;-)
    [02:24 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: :)
    [02:24 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: Hi Cor :)
    [02:24 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: Hello Cor :)
    [02:24 PM]  Zen Arado: reminds me of that Angry Gods piece
    [02:24 PM]  Cor Wylder: hey hello
    [02:25 PM]  Cor Wylder: actually I am Calvino's alt
    [02:25 PM]  Zen Arado: you didn't get anywhere unless you went UP
    [02:25 PM]  Zen Arado: Hi Cor :)
    [02:25 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: Perhaps sky-diving and hang-gliding are methods for intentionally going to the edge . . . but on another level -- physically . . . so one can better get a handle on the other ledges/edges in life.
    [02:25 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: It's an interesting point ...
    [02:25 PM]  Lolli Bluebird: Hi Cor
    [02:25 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: Hey, Cor.
    [02:25 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: Hi Hokon :)
    [02:25 PM]  Hokon Cazalet: hi =)
    [02:25 PM]  Zen Arado: Hi Hokon :)
    [02:25 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: I'm just plain old Bruce.
    [02:26 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: :)
    [02:26 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: Hey, Hokon!
    [02:26 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: Hello Hokon :)
    [02:26 PM]  Hokon Cazalet: hi =)
    [02:26 PM]  Hokon Cazalet: Weeee! ^.^
    [02:26 PM]  Wol Euler: hello cor, hello hokon
    [02:26 PM]  Zen Arado: he he
    [02:26 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: OK -- for the recent arrivals -- I will once again give the Report -- (mine)....
    [02:26 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: http://waysofknowing.kira.org/3Reports/Bruce_Mowbray/Report_100_-_Encounters_at_the_Edge
    [02:27 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: So far, we've talked about edges as decision-making points in our lives...
    [02:27 PM]  Lolli Bluebird: If Bruce repeats that again I think he will go over the edge :-)))
    [02:27 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: and how we can avid them (try to smooth them off, perhaps)
    [02:27 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: and how we can invite them and move toward them intentionally.
    [02:28 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: avoid*
    [02:28 PM]  Bruce Mowbray might already BE over the edge!!
    [02:28 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: ;-)
    [02:28 PM]  Lolli Bluebird: LoL!!!
    [02:28 PM]  Zen Arado: should we push ourselves to the edge?
    [02:28 PM]  Zen Arado: of physical or mental abilities I mean?
    [02:28 PM]  Cor Wylder: Not unless we can handle it
    [02:29 PM]  Zen Arado: but how do we know if we don't try?
    [02:29 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: Yes...we all handle edges differently, don't we?
    [02:29 PM]  Cor Wylder: that's what fear is for
    [02:29 PM]  Lolli Bluebird: I would imagine it is hard to push ourselves to the edge.
    [02:29 PM]  Cor Wylder: fear is the guardian
    [02:29 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: And our edges are different, I think
    [02:29 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: Is it always right though?
    [02:29 PM]  Zen Arado: hmmm...I think we all do in a way
    [02:29 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: I mean fear, is it always right?
    [02:29 PM]  Zen Arado: coming into SL is an edge for some
    [02:30 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: Sometimes fear is the wall we have to climb over...and the edge behind it isn't so bad
    [02:30 PM]  Cor Wylder: everyone seeks edges where it is plausible that growth may occur
    [02:30 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: wb Hokon :)
    [02:30 PM]  Zen Arado: yes Cor
    [02:30 PM]  Hokon Cazalet: ty =)
    [02:30 PM]  Zen Arado: wb Hokon
    [02:30 PM]  Hokon Cazalet: =)
    [02:30 PM]  Zen Arado: we need a little fear
    [02:30 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: Ken McLeod's teachings advise us to go for the hardest and most painful "edges" in our practice -- and to do those FIRST.
    [02:31 PM]  Zen Arado: brings out the best in us
    [02:31 PM]  Zen Arado: yes
    [02:31 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: actually, they might be easier than the edges that are more subtle and harder to find.
    [02:31 PM]  Zen Arado: we find out inner resources only by going over what we think is an edge
    [02:32 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: but still, it's a practice.
    [02:32 PM]  Cor Wylder: the difficult edges are the ones that look like chaos and confusion, dullness or absence
    [02:32 PM]  Zen Arado: yeh so there are false edges?
    [02:32 PM]  Cor Wylder: what would a false edge be?
    [02:32 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: yes -- That's what I meant when I said to Gaya that one way to predict how you're going to handle an edge is to be aware of how you identified it as an edge.
    [02:32 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: What I really liked in Cal's report was the thing about a perfect cup of tea....how the quality of something isn't necessarily connected to its "size"
    [02:33 PM]  Zen Arado: one easy to get over but we initially thought it difficult?
    [02:33 PM]  Cor Wylder: rehearsals of authenticity or a re-enactment of something that used to be an edge, these might be false edges?
    [02:33 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: please say more, Atari.
    [02:33 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: and everyone.
    [02:33 PM]  Zen Arado: yeh an old edge
    [02:34 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: ( a habit?)
    [02:34 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: Well, that resonated with me, because I think learning to walk along edges gracefully is a skill itself, and the things we learn walking over smaller edges carry over into bigger ones, too
    [02:34 PM]  Zen Arado: recurring edge
    [02:34 PM]  Wol Euler excuses herself and slips quietly away to bed. Goodnight all, take care.
    [02:35 PM]  Hokon Cazalet: bye wol =)
    [02:35 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: Good night :)
    [02:35 PM]  Wol Euler: just too tired
    [02:35 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: Goodnight Wol :)
    [02:35 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: G'night, Wol!
    [02:35 PM]  Zen Arado: not so much a habit as an old thing we constantly avoid?
    [02:35 PM]  Zen Arado: nite Wol :)
    [02:35 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: Hi Darren :)
    [02:35 PM]  Darren Islar sneaks in
    [02:35 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: Perhaps habitualed reactiveness is one path of avoidance.
    [02:35 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: Hey, Darren!
    [02:35 PM]  Cor Wylder: Procrastination as a signal of an edge?
    [02:35 PM]  Zen Arado: hmmm...that's a habit though
    [02:35 PM]  Zen Arado: yes
    [02:35 PM]  Zen Arado: Hi Darren
    [02:35 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: My approach has been looking at doable stuff not the most difficult ones.
    [02:36 PM]  Darren Islar: hi everyone :)
    [02:36 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: Like Atari said, I think it helps to build up a better idea.
    [02:36 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: Hello Darren :)
    [02:36 PM]  Lolli Bluebird: Hi Darren
    [02:36 PM]  Zen Arado: if you start a university degree you don't know if you are capable of it
    [02:36 PM]  Zen Arado: for instance
    [02:37 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: Okease do not fail to read Cal's (Lolli's) essay:
    [02:37 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: http://wiki.playasbeing.org/Guardian..._Knowing/Edges
    [02:37 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: please*
    [02:37 PM]  Zen Arado: it brings you to the edge and stretches you
    [02:37 PM]  Zen Arado: expands your edges
    [02:38 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: or some, a university degree is "quality" -- for most, I'm afraid, it is merely quantity.--- One more notch that's expected by employers... or whatever.
    [02:38 PM]  Zen Arado: ?
    [02:38 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: Learning anything new is a good example of an edge, I think
    [02:38 PM]  Lolli Bluebird: I can't remeber writing an essay, sure it was me?
    [02:38 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: It is truly SAD not to have been stretched by the university experience.
    [02:38 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: (It was Calvino's, I think.)
    [02:38 PM]  Lolli Bluebird: :)
    [02:38 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: not to have been taken to the edge...
    [02:39 PM]  Cor Wylder: Some say, learning happens mainly on edges, on the boundary of contact with self and world
    [02:39 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: The Freshman year ought to throw you up into the air and have you land on your --- (whatever] -- but at least you realize that you've been thrown.
    [02:39 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: out of your habituated mental confines.
    [02:40 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: What do you say, Cor?
    [02:40 PM]  Zen Arado: maybe all new activities are edges
    [02:40 PM]  Cor Wylder: According to (Heidegger?) life is a condition of being already thrown, so we're in a way constantly over the edge
    [02:40 PM]  Darren Islar nods at Cor... or between experienced worlds
    [02:41 PM]  Zen Arado: so we don't have to look for them
    [02:41 PM]  Cor Wylder: and some spiritual paths seem to be seeking a still point of where the non-edge is, where we were thrown "from", but others say, it doesn't really exist
    [02:41 PM]  Cor Wylder: Bardo is an edge concept
    [02:41 PM]  Zen Arado: thinks the still point is equanimity
    [02:42 PM]  Zen Arado: not letting edges throw us
    [02:42 PM]  Zen Arado: ?
    [02:42 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: agrees with both the 'equanimity' still point and with intentionally going for the edge - in practice -- and "resting" with that (as a practice).
    [02:42 PM]  Zen Arado: yes
    [02:43 PM]  Cor Wylder: I think that's impossible (not to be thrown) but perhaps one can land on one's feet with most parts intact
    [02:43 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: Resting on the edge?
    [02:43 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: This is a continual "challenge" then --
    [02:43 PM]  Zen Arado: calm abiding at the razor's edge
    [02:43 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: To Cor -- you didn't know my freshman profs,!!
    [02:43 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: ;-)
    [02:43 PM]  Zen Arado: remember Joko Beck talking about living on a razors edge
    [02:43 PM]  Cor Wylder: :)
    [02:44 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: They were deliberately out to distub the comfortable adult children in their classes -- and rightly so!
    [02:44 PM]  Bruce Mowbray listens for more from Zen.
    [02:45 PM]  Bruce Mowbray ponders "Living on the razor edge...."
    [02:45 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: and how some folks we consider heroic do that every day.
    [02:46 PM]  Zen Arado: can't remember any more :)
    [02:46 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: not just firemen and ambulance drivers . . .
    [02:46 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: but also school teachers, and leaders of government -- and spiritual masters.
    [02:46 PM]  Cor Wylder: It's a romantic archetype
    [02:46 PM]  Cor Wylder: Odysseus
    [02:46 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: every day at the dge.
    [02:46 PM]  Cor Wylder: the hero's journey
    [02:46 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: edge*
    [02:47 PM]  Cor Wylder: went to the edge, survived, changed, came back to tell about it
    [02:47 PM]  Zen Arado: reminds me of the Xin Xin Ming verse
    [02:47 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: Like Bilbo said, it's a dangerous business stepping out of one's door :p
    [02:47 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: :)
    [02:47 PM]  Hokon Cazalet: hehe Gaya =)
    [02:47 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: (the verse?)
    [02:48 PM]  Zen Arado: One hundredth of a hair difference
    Heaven and earth hang apart, separated by a barrier
    Wanting reality to emerge presently
    Do not settle for following or going agains
    [02:48 PM]  Zen Arado: hence the razor's edge
    [02:48 PM]  Cor Wylder: Those who don't come back don't get the respect .. they are the marginalized people, the fallen warriors, the failed inventors, those who went outside the box but didn't bring back anything useful
    [02:49 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: "It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to." - Bilbo Baggins, The Lord of the Rings!!
    [02:49 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: :)
    [02:49 PM]  Cor Wylder: Bilbo was a master of the center
    [02:49 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: Fortunately, those who really value the edge experience do not come back to be praised for surviving it -- they are, instead, grateful for having had that experience.
    [02:49 PM]  Cor Wylder: (a topic for a future discussion?)
    [02:49 PM]  Darren Islar: Mithandrir? or Bilbo? :)
    [02:50 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: Centers would be a good place to go, from the edge... :)
    [02:50 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: Hobbit or Habit?
    [02:50 PM]  Darren Islar: heheh Bruce
    [02:50 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: hehe
    [02:50 PM]  Zen Arado: :)
    [02:50 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: Have you covered the topics on the notecard more or less now then?
    [02:51 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: Yes, Atari -- I seem always to need to know where the Center is. . . especially when I'm farthest out.
    [02:51 PM]  Zen Arado: no just two
    [02:51 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: ah ok
    [02:51 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: Not all of the topic.
    [02:51 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: No, we can always pull more from that, too
    [02:51 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: any you'd like to bring up?
    [02:51 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: or shall we talk about next week's topic?
    [02:51 PM]  Cor Wylder: There's a name for a major category of edge, and that's the psychological concept of Shame. It is a place where no one thinks well, where intelligence is impaired both on the individual and group level
    [02:52 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: It's pretty exhaustive to do ALL of the topics -- I simply wanted to provoke thought.
    [02:52 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: Shame is an excellent topic.
    [02:52 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: I think so, too.
    [02:52 PM]  Lolli Bluebird: Interesting Cor
    [02:52 PM]  Zen Arado: yes...
    [02:52 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: perhaps dealing with "shame" as an "edge."
    [02:53 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: You mean regret?
    [02:53 PM]  Cor Wylder: Yes, it's a good perspective for shame, because it is an edge, and that gives some creative traction
    [02:53 PM]  Bruce Mowbray doesn't want to drag the group into chosing a topic ---
    [02:53 PM]  Bruce Mowbray wait for emergence.
    [02:53 PM]  Lolli Bluebird: I think we dragged ourselves over the edge into shame :)
    [02:54 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: Well, it's almost time anyway.
    [02:54 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: ;-)
    [02:54 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: Regretfully... :)
    [02:54 PM]  Lolli Bluebird: ha ha ha
    [02:54 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: OH I am SOOOO ashamed of myself now.
    [02:54 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: :)
    [02:54 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: ;-)
    [02:54 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: Thanks, everyone! Gaya, our next topic?
    [02:54 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: or should I ask the whole group?
    [02:55 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: Shame as an edge would be a topic I'd be proud to discuss :)
    [02:55 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: none of us is as smart as all of us.
    [02:55 PM]  Zen Arado: yeh me too
    [02:55 PM]  Darren Islar: sounds good to me
    [02:55 PM]  Cor Wylder: Sure :)
    [02:55 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: (me too.)
    [02:56 PM]  Lolli Bluebird: Me too *one hand holding onto centre pole*
    [02:56 PM]  Cor Wylder: That's a good topic for later Bruce! "None of us is as smart as all of us"
    [02:56 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: lol
    [02:56 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: ;)
    [02:56 PM]  Zen Arado: group intelligence ?
    [02:56 PM]  Lolli Bluebird: :)))
    [02:56 PM]  Cor Wylder: Cointelligene
    [02:56 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: So, shame as an edge and pole dancing, then?
    [02:56 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: Glad you're better Bruce :)
    [02:56 PM]  Cor Wylder: co-intelligence
    [02:56 PM]  Darren Islar: maybe we are all
    [02:56 PM]  Cor Wylder: yes good topic
    [02:56 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: Thanks for reports and see you next week :)
    [02:56 PM]  Lolli Bluebird: ROFL!!! - Bruce .....
    [02:57 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: ty so mcuh, Gaya.
    [02:57 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: Take care, Gaya. It's good to have you back :)
    [02:57 PM]  Lolli Bluebird: Yes thank you.
    [02:57 PM]  Darren Islar: :)) Bruce
    [02:57 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: Thanks :)
    [02:57 PM]  Bruce Mowbray: THANK YOU, everyone!
    [02:57 PM]  Zen Arado: pole dancing ..hmmmm
    [02:57 PM]  Darren Islar: Thanks
    [02:57 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: lol
    [02:57 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: Atari and Zen, please let me know if you need a backup for logs or notices.
    [02:58 PM]  Zen Arado: remember a philosophy discussion about lap dancing
    [02:58 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel: Thank you for doing them!
    [02:58 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: Sure :)
    [02:58 PM]  Zen Arado: sure Gaya:)
    [02:58 PM]  Gaya Ethaniel waves.
    [02:58 PM]  Lolli Bluebird: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [02:58 PM]  Lolli Bluebird: APPLAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!
    [02:58 PM]  Bruce Mowbray tries to wave but is too dizzy.
    [02:58 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: :)
    [02:58 PM]  Zen Arado: good discussion it was too
    [02:59 PM]  Lolli Bluebird: he he he - bye Bruce and thank you.
    [02:59 PM]  Zen Arado: who was exploiting who
    [02:59 PM]  Zen Arado: anyway
    [02:59 PM]  Zen Arado: better go
    [02:59 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: Take care, Zen :)
    [02:59 PM]  Arisia Vita: I too must fly, be well and happy
    [02:59 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: Take care, everyone :)
    [02:59 PM]  Lolli Bluebird: Thanks everyone, great being here and look orward to feeling full of shame next week!!
    [02:59 PM]  Hokon Cazalet: =)
    [02:59 PM]  Cor Wylder: :) Lolli
    [03:00 PM]  Zen Arado: will write a shameful report
    [03:00 PM]  Zen Arado: byeeee
    [03:00 PM]  Darren Islar: hahaha Zen
    [03:00 PM]  Ataraxia Azemus: :)

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