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    Undivided Mind

    "The most important understanding for a lay Buddhist is the immediate availability of awakening. Awakening need not arrive after a long, protracted practice history unless we believe that this is necessary. We deliberately delay our readiness because we are divided about what we really want. We practice until we are tired of preparing for what has always existed here and now, then we become quiet and surrender." Rodney Smith,1

    So why do traditions provide us with opportunities for long retreats and give so many dharma talks? If awakening is so readily available why do we not just accept it? So maybe we have to wear out all of our seeking for something special - for something outside ourselves. Perhaps the main problem is that " We want the contentment and happiness promised by the Buddha, but with “me” fully stabilized and intact," as the author states. I guess I still feel too attracted to and engrossed by the world. My ego resists surrender.

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