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    Liberation from self-centeredness and Allowing "Truth" to find us:

    Nisargardatta says: "Trace every action to its selfish motive and look at the motive intently till it dissolves" To do that properly it seems to me you need to spend some time away from absorbtion in other activities to meditate. Some of the Yogic/Advaita teachers aren't too keen on the practice of meditation. The problem seems to be that people try to use meditation to try to get somewhere, and that only takes you further away from what is there all the time.  It is more about seeing through and allowing false things to drop away. Nisargadatta advises a very simple type

    "For meditation you should sit with identification with the knowledge "I am" only and have confirmed to yourself that you are not the body.  You must dwell only in that knowledge "I am"--not merely the words "I am."

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