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    "Consider the possibility, and I am only saying consider the possibility, that maybe nothing is unforgiveable. Maybe there is a way to find forgiveness even for what we have believed for so long to be unforgiveable. Explore this mindfully. 

    To forgive does not necessarily mean to forget. Sometimes to forget is not wise, but to forgive is wise. And it is at times not easy. It can, in fact, be quite challenging. It will come as no surprise that one of the most difficult people to forgive can be yourself. Yet with patience and gentle determination, it can be done."

    Allan Lokos 

    Isn't the way we don't forgive ourselves a route to suffering? Not what happened but how we judged and ruminated about what happened later, and beat ourselves up about it? It's true that we can consider our actions and learn from 'mistakes' but why hold on to the pain ? Is there really any such thing as a mistake? It is another symptom of the judging mind.

    We seem to get an ego boost from the guilt and unforgiveness. 'I' am so bad and useless. So the ego stays trying to control life from its viewpoint of separateness. 

    What we seem to need is acceptance. Resting in what is, now, and not lingering in what happened in the past. Neither building ourselves up nor putting ourselves down about it. Both only maintain ego and create suffering for us and others close to us.

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