Still on intoxication – food, what does it do to me?



    The assignment


    My self-assignment for this week was: I will look more closely at my relationship with food, look at the process of it affecting my mood, try to arrive at a fuller appreciation of what food does to me and whether this is healthy (in a very broad sense) and see where there are opportunities for change.



    Paying attention


    I keep on forgetting to pay attention, or rather remembering when I am already halfway my meal, and then telling myself I will start at the next bite.



    It is easier to pay full attention if I carefully smell each bite before I put it in my mouth. But of course this is something I forget too. Will work on this one.





    Coffee does seem to be more of a problem than I thought – when I went without for a day I got quite a bad headache. I will try to go without coffee for a few days when I can find a few days when I can handle the headache.


    I can't get no satisfaction


    When I'm eating during meals, I don't have problems with stopping when I should. But when I'm eating inbetween meals, I find this much harder. I'll have just one sandwich. And then I want another. And another. The food that is supposed to fill me up only makes me want more.


    Some of the inbetween meals eating is because I feel hungry (4 pm, 10 pm), some is because of availability (seeing something nice during shopping).



    What is part of the meal?


    I also noticed that while I do include cooking and shopping for food in a meal (although I have not yet tried to be mindful during cooking – takes mental note) I do not include laying the table or cleaning up.


    When I pay more attention during washing up, I see that I'm bent over a bit when I do this. Bending the knees is better, but I have to pay attention to that as otherwise I'm just going back to my usual posture. Putting the bowl on something else works even better. Now I will see what a better posture will change.




    Next week I will continue on the question: what is my relationship with food and drink? I will pay more attention to senses (esp. smell) and to posture, see if that makes it easier to pay attention.


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