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    Doug from PaB replied to my November 19th 'aloha PaB' message saying, in part, 'I’d love to know what real world stuff calls.'  Here is what I said in my email answer to Doug:

    My PaB experience straddled the completion of my house.  When I began with PaB last fall (2008) I was living in an improved shipping container while the final things were done with the building (using the same mobile broadband internet as I do now.)  In Feburary the house was legally finished and occupied, and by then I was deep in PaB.  This summer my business workload dropped off substantially and so Pab time became even more entrenched.   This fall I realized the number of hours I was spending with PaB was habitually high and affecting both house and work related tasks.  Now my work demands are on the rise.  I need to do more real life stuff, and given my addictive personality that means going cold turkey with PaB to free up a big enough chunk of time to allow me to reorganize my daily habits.

    The week after Thanksgiving was part the change of course:  previous work habits of doing research and writing for lawyers in the morning, then in the afternoons home-related tasks (cleaning the barn, planting bamboo, preparing an outdoor shower.)  It feels like an appropriate change in my life.  PaB was quite attractive or I would not have gotten so immersed there.  However, its momentum took time from real life matters that take more effort.  As I spent last week shifting course I also realized that sitting at a desk during those immersed months helped me get more physically out of shape.  Stim said get a life ... really :)

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    Originally written on 12:03, 03 Dec 2009
    ...thinking about the full sound of bamboo blowing in the wind....
    Momentum is an interesting energy topic, too.

    Nice to see you. -Eliza
    Posted 10:05, 21 Nov 2010
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