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    I am often angry and for various reasons. Among many things, interacting with people means 1. looking out for own reactions 2. looking out for their reactions to me 3. looking out for their reactions to others present/not present 4. Looking out for own reactions to them reacting to others. Confusing? Now I feel like growling about practice in general >.<

    Anyway, what I can see is that I get angry when I take up a certain position. I become a part of reducing people down to short labels. I didn't see this happening at the time during recent interactions so had to work on it for a while afterwards. The other tendency that is apparent is how I allow negativities to overwhelm and to colour life.

    At the homework meeting, Bruce related how he 'spoke out' of feeling angry, which was very skilful. As Cal said in his homework, a lot of us are doing our best. I guess this kind of messiness is unavoidable. I just disagree with types of people who think of gossips as a form of entertainment. I will have to work more on myself and hopefully react less and see better.

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