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    Knowledge in Action

    Sometimes I feel that anything/everything is possible. It is liberating ... amazing … difficult to describe. This stays with me even when things are not so clear. I don’t think this is applicable to me per se. And I don’t remember ‘me’ or ‘I’ in feeling that sense of freedom.

    In regards to cultivating capacities, there is always room for improvement in my daily conducts. I try to bring more awareness into my actions. At the moment, I’m working on speech along this line.

    It’s difficult to know conditioning factors. Searching for them can turn into a wild goose chase. However, it is helpful to notice more what makes things worse etc. and taking care of oneself accordingly. At least for me, each day feels different. In a sense, that’s the fun part - possibilities. And we always have a choice whether to pigeon hole our experience into good/bad regardless of what each day brings.

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    Originally written on 12:40, 23 Sep 2010
    Sometimes I walk into a dark room and intentionally don't turn on the light. It seems a practice to get comfortable functioning in the dark as though it were light, somehow...
    Posted 10:01, 21 Nov 2010
    Originally written on 16:35, 23 Sep 2010
    Sometimes I do that with films you know ... watching, watching ... :)
    Posted 10:01, 21 Nov 2010
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