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    6 Paramitas: Prajna Paramita II

    ‘The Heart Sutra’ by Red Pine contains many illuminating commentaries from past masters as well as his own. For example,

    Form is emptiness, emptiness is form: ‘Because of emptiness, all things are possible.’ – Nagarjuna

    What stood out so far though is the author’s analogy of boat to explain paramitas [p. 53-4]:

    “Taken together, the paramitas are also likened to a boat that takes us across the sea of suffering. The paramita of generosity is the wood, light enough to float but not so light that it floats away. Thus bodhisattvas practice giving and renunciation but not so much that they have nothing left with which to work. The paramita of morality is the keel, deep enough to hold the boat upright but not so deep that it drags the shoals or holds it back. Thus bodhisattvas observe precepts but not so many that they have no freedom of choice. […] Thus bodhisattvas who practice the paramitas embark on the greatest of all voyages to the far shore of liberation.”

    At a teaching I attended recently, a teacher emphasised ‘human intelligence’ in cultivating wisdom. I think this relates to faith … how I don’t really have many questions as I had before, [hopefully] becoming less bothersome. I like this very much :)

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