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    Life as Koan

    Life is unlikely … mysterious and even miraculous. It is a unique opportunity. Well, allow me to borrow a ‘koan’ from Steven :P

    Stim Morane: the life is all


    I’d like to offer a popular list among Koreans, called 寶王三昧論 (compiled by a Chinese monk 妙?, late Yuan early Ming). Apologies in advance for my clumsy translation:

    1: Don’t wish for a disease-free body. If one is free of illnesses, greed arises. Therefore the sage said, “Treat sickness like good medicine.”

    2: Don’t wish for a life without difficulties. If one doesn’t experience troubles in life, one becomes contemptuous and extravagant. Therefore the sage said, “Live the world through concerns and difficulties.”

    3: Don’t wish for a learning mind, free of obstacles. If mind doesn’t face barriers, study becomes excessive. Therefore the sage said, “Find Nirvana within obstacles.”

    4: Don’t wish for practice without hindrances. If there is no hindrance in practice, it is not possible to strengthen one’s resolve. Therefore the sage said, “Befriend Mara’s Army to assist practice.”

    5: Seek but don’t wish to succeed easily. If plans are achieved with ease, mind becomes careless and rash. Therefore the sage said, “Accomplish a goal through many eons.”

    6: Don’t wish to gain advantages through friendship. Seeking benefits harms friendship. Therefore the sage said, “Prolong companionship by purity.”

    7: Don’t wish others to be agreeable. If others always submit to one’s will, mind becomes arrogant. Therefore the sage said, “Treat disagreeable people like plants in the cool forest by one’s residence.”

    8: Practice virtue but don’t hope for results. If wishing for an outcome, one owns a will to plan and seek. Therefore the sage said, “Treat the act of good deeds itself as an end.”

    9: Don’t wish for excessive gains. If one receives undue benefits, mind becomes foolish. Therefore the sage said, “Be rich by small gains.”

    10: Don’t seek to vindicate when treated unfairly. Wanting to justify supports resenting mind. Therefore the sage said, “Treat injustices as a gate to practice.”

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    Originally written on 20:15, 12 May 2010
    Thanks for sharing this, Gaya! A few sound almost like Lojong sayings, do you think?
    Posted 09:57, 21 Nov 2010
    Originally written on 20:59, 12 May 2010
    mmmmmhmmmmm :) You're welcome!
    Posted 09:57, 21 Nov 2010
    Originally written on 23:10, 12 May 2010
    Printing and posting at home :)
    Posted 09:57, 21 Nov 2010
    Originally written on 19:27, 13 May 2010
    heh :) Glad you like it!
    Posted 09:57, 21 Nov 2010
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