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    Everyday Life is the Path

    Joshu asked Nansen: `What is the path?'
    Nansen said: `Everyday life is the path.'
    Joshu asked: `Can it be studied?'
    Nansen said: `If you try to study, you will be far away from it.'
    Joshu asked: `If I do not study, how can I know it is the path?'
    Nansen said: `The path does not belong to the perception world, neither does it belong to the nonperception world. Cognition     is a delusion and noncognition is senseless. If you want to reach the true path beyond doubt, place yourself in the same freedom as sky. You name it neither good nor not-good.'

    At these words Joshu was enlightened.

    I don't have much to add to the discussion between Joshu and Nansen. Well asked and said ... :) It's a good reminder about not adding extra to one's practice.

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