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    Don’t go for the throat.

    Gwan-se-eum [Guan-Yin, Avalokiteshvara] means watching sound [of world]. Sounds can heal [i.e. music] as well as disturb [i.e. white noise]. Words are powerful themselves already and when riding on voice, it can delight as well as break those who hear them. After all, voice is the ultimate musical instrument. It’s alive, energetic, intimate …

    When I was going over Steven’s audio files related to shamata last year, I literally jumped out of my skin. In one of the classes, he demonstrates ‘phet’ sound. Even now though have listened to it a few times, I have to prepare myself as that part of the class draws near.

    Watching voice/words while speaking & listening is an interesting practice [relatively easy to do this while chanting]. Then there is talking skill one needs to acquire. I also know that many other practices are needed alongside, though seemingly unrelated, to bring out one’s natural capacity to ‘talk appropriately’.

    If spoken to harshly,
    make yourself as silent as a cracked gong;
    non-retaliation is a sign of freedom.
    Dhammapada X Aggression 134

    After reading this verse, I recalled a story of Ghandhi, in which his father silently weeps after Ghandhi’s confession on inappropriate conducts.

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    Originally written on 15:03, 13 Mar 2010
    Yes, wow! A great collection of thoughts and notes. Thought you might enjoy this story about Dao Sheng as well:
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