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    Renewing commitment:
    Have tried to take some moment to breathe on waking and falling asleep each day as ‘commitment’.

    Practising even when distracted:
    A ticket inspector flatly refused to look at a credit card with receipt showing a purchase of a ticket [it was found later that day, wedged in jacket pocket lining …]. He employed ‘broken record’ strategy and so I realised there is no point arguing my case. Meanwhile, I noted his name to file for a formal complaint and a refund. He saw this and said now I was to be charged with a fine. His colleagues jeered with one of them trying to intimidate.

    I don’t handle this kind of people ‘ganging up’ on me very well … my writing hands started to shake but I was calm at the same time [this probably doesn’t make sense]. While he was spinning a story to Tim why he was charging a fine, I found myself doing a mini meditation, converging on breathing. I then told Tim that there was no need to talk to this person any further. And I turned around and cut the man off, asking for him to just issue the fine. O.O

    When I got out, I went to Information and they suggested I talk to the station manager [this is one of the main stations in London]. I was given a form for complaint/ refund etc. and the manager said he would look into this straight away. He said he was particularly concerned about similar situations occurring to other passengers. I could see he was genuine and felt assured.

    What surprised me about the incident is two-fold. How I was the day before [scattered and caught up] and how that made me perhaps more susceptible; and how I was able to leave what happened behind soon after I left the station. Tim and I had a lovely day out but yes … it did shake both of us.

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