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    Sometimes I feed and grow negativities. I see how this tendency is related to various points I've been considering; self, fear, acceptance, love, attachment etc. It probably comes back to having more presence and appreciating 'now' but there is a huge gap between this and the string of things I understand so far. I'm guessing it requires more practice. "Is that acceptable Gaya?" hm ... well ... it will have to be for now. As before, my mind will work something out on its own too from this feeling stuck/confused.


    I'd like to learn more about elements Tibetans refer to. I was listening to a talk re: death by a Tibetan lama. Then I saw it mentioned again in a book. Wonder if some materials can be recommended for me to read up.


    This is not really a report anymore ... >.< but could the View be briefly mentioned again?

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