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    Gaya: With being impatient I just start with breathing, try to be aware if I'm 'breathing'.
    Stim: OK, take that. Even "I'm breathing" can be seen in the light of this teaching. There are many things we do, out of habit, in "I'm breathing now" that are actually unnecessary, or limiting, or obscuring of freshness or inclusiveness. Start with "I'm breathing", then open it up.

    Today ...

    Wise thief: Gosh, you are feeling a bit stressed no? Look, how stiff your right arm is!
    Gaya: ah ... oh! Thanks for pointing that out to me. You can relax now :)
    Wise thief: ok :)

    Since then, I've been doing a sort of experiment; using other hand instead of usual side [I'm both handed]. As well as tension or rigidness, there is more hesitation/less confidence in usual hand. In a way, muscle knowledge can become a hindrance if each task is not approached openly and freshly however familiar the job is.

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