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    What does 'self' or 'me' mean in the homework?  I think of self as a particular bundle of thoughts and emotions accumulated over time. For example, self affects how one perceives as different settings, filters or lenses would produce a variety of results:


    Capturing infrared lights


    Using an ultra wide angle lens

    I also remember a comment by Stim a while ago that 'self' imposes a posture on us. I have only seen a few hints of this. It is very easy not to notice how I appear in terms of body languages and facial expressions when communicating.

    It is useful to explore self and can be even fun. But when attached, it has limiting or distorting effects in communication. Also it doesn't allow much room for new understandings to enter. The other risk is that it can become a habitual 'mode'. There are a few obvious ones that come into play with certain situations or people so my guess is that more of them exist, ready to be deployed. More I think, more I am amazed at being a human.

    Unlike a camera, these modes affect both ways. For example, feeling criticised by someone implies judging oneself and the other. Though after the fact, I often try to see real intention behind the comment or test it by making a joke of the situation.

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