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    One thing flows into another, impossible to contain.

    I can say that 'acceptance' is about making room, or uncovering the space that is always present, or Stim's 'What else is true'... that it is about releasing my notions of the way things should go *according to me* ... putting my ideas in the passenger seat or giving up notions of car and driver altogether.

    Seems very much like what I'd like to convey about forgiveness, or about many things...

    Sometimes in my excavating I notice that I ask not 'what else is true' but 'what is more true, or better true'... there is still a subtle directing of outcome in my own image, which limits stepping in immediately... creating distance. In this way I'm not quite present with, which falls short of the embrace acceptance implies. I wonder if I can accept those 'steps removed' as well, if there is room for the distance too ..

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